Hotel with sea view in Saint-Martin-de-Ré
The Hotel Le Galion

Discover your 3-star hotel in St Martin-de-Ré

We warmly welcome you to your 3-star hotel with sea view in Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Our entire team will pamper you to offer you an exceptional stay, placed under the sign of comfort and tranquility. We are located near La Villa de l'Éclusier, with whom we work in symbiosis to always guarantee you high-end services. Come and find yourself in our hotel establishment for your professional events, your business trips, your family vacations, your romantic weekends or your expeditions with friends!

Hotel facing the sea A prime location in Saint Martin de Ré

Prefer the charm of our hotel near the beach in St Martin de Ré. We are located on the Ile de Ré, just 900 meters from the Plage de la Cible. Come and enjoy the sweetness of life on the Atlantic Coast in your hotel with sea view in St Martin de Ré. 

Relaxing, unique & luxurious The 34 rooms

In our 3-star hotel in Saint-Martin-de-Ré, we offer 34 rooms that can accommodate one to two people. Embark on a pleasant experience in the heart of the Île de Ré. The services and the rooms are of high standard to ensure the quality of your stopovers. Let yourself be seduced by peaceful parentheses in the unique and tastefully decorated rooms. 

Reunions, exchanges and conviviality Friendly spaces

Get together over a hot or refreshing drink in the different spaces: in the cozy lounge with television, board games and library or on the terrace, intimate and pleasant. You will appreciate the marine and warm decoration, which is inspired by different places in the world. In this cocoon of softness, you will travel.

Pleasant, luxury and comfortable A la carte services

Throughout your stopover in our hotel near the beach with a view of the sea in Saint Martin de Ré, we offer a range of top-of-the-range services: reception open all day, night watchman, breakfast tasty lunches, room services, parking, tourist advice, free Wi-Fi and many more. Fully recharge your batteries in the heart of the Ile de Ré! 

Our engagements

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